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Braccioli e accessori auto - MADE IN ITALY - Armrests and car accessories

Auflageteller - Gummiteller - Gummiauflagen -Vollgummiteller für Hebebühne (4 Stück)

Auflageteller / Gummiteller / Gummiauflagen / Vollgummiteller für Hebebühne OMCN, RAVAGLIOLI

THE PRICES REFER TO SET OF 2 PIECES. ECHTGUMMI, NICHT AUS KUNSTSTOFF! Set of 2 pcs heavy duty replacement rubber pads. Car lift ramp rubber parts. RUBBER PADS FOR: - lifts for auto vehicles - supports for industrial machines - thicknesses for the transport of heavy machinery - univewrsal bumper The pads can be made in different sizes for any requirement. THE RECTANGULAR FORM. Verfügbare Größen (Masse in mm): 110X140 – H 20 120X160 – H 40 120X160 – H 60 120X160 – H 80 120X160 – H 120

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